Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well for the past two days I have been milking a goat..haha..yes even I can milk a goat. It's actually really fun, it makes my hand hurt but it's fun :) So I guess I am a real farmgirl now :) But another thing I just want to mention is please keep the Fonville family in your thoughts and prayers, my stepdads grandma Ruth Barnes is in the hospital in the ICU, she is being taken off the venilator (I dont know how to spell that) this morning. Please pray for them.


  1. Yes Morgan I would consider you a real farmgirl now!!!!! You did a really good job too!!! I am happy that someone has taken interest in milking so I might get a vacation sometime!!!!!

    I love you!
    Granny Becky

  2. I hear you had a pretty good fall during the milking yesterday. Sorry I missed it. I'm glad you like milking!!

  3. Haha yes I had a GREAT fall. I have a big knot to show for it. I love milking the goat. It's fun stuff :)