Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well for the past two days I have been milking a goat..haha..yes even I can milk a goat. It's actually really fun, it makes my hand hurt but it's fun :) So I guess I am a real farmgirl now :) But another thing I just want to mention is please keep the Fonville family in your thoughts and prayers, my stepdads grandma Ruth Barnes is in the hospital in the ICU, she is being taken off the venilator (I dont know how to spell that) this morning. Please pray for them.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Well for Thanksgiving this year I wanted to make my own favorite dish. So this evening I cooked me up some good 'ol meat balls! It took about an hour and a half , two hours maybe, and I had one big mess to clean up. I ended up with 27 now 26 :) meatballs. ( I had to try one out). They are pretty good I hope people actually want to eat them tomo. It was my first time cooking them, I have cooked before but never meatballs. So I hope everyone had an AMAZING Thanksgiving! And now its time for Christmas!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sap, Sap, and more sap.

So after church today i decided to go to my cousins and help make the Christmas Wreaths, that they do every year. I only worked a little over an hour, but i tell you its a tough job, not for me but for them. All I have to do is cut tips off the tree and clean up. But Wednesday I get to learn how to make them, fun fun. But I just wanted to say if you are planning on buying a wreath this holiday season please respect all the hard work that has been put into it!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Decorating Already?

I am really in the Christmas mood this year. I have been dying to decorate for months. Even though it's still early I decided to go ahead and start decorating. So I got out my decorations and got to work. I am the only one who is willing to decorate the outside with lights this year, so I am all on my own. Let's just hope I don't have a Clark Griswald experience:) I Know this isn't much don't worry I still have to put the ornaments on :)