Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well over all I had a Great Christmas. I got some great gifts. But I don't think that a lot of people including me really celebrate Christmas for the right reason. I am so worried about getting this and getting that when I have more than I deserve, and there are many many people out there who have nothing. But the most important thing is I am supposed to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ my loving savior, but I am so concerned about other things, that I am not taking the time to honor him the way I should. We sit there and fight and that should atleast be the one day of the year we get along. What happened to the peacefulness and love that is around this time? Maybe if we put God first we will learn to love, and respect, and care for one another. But I do want to thank you Granny for all the hardwork you put into the Christmas Dinner you did a Great job!


  1. Out of the mouths of babes.... you are exactly right young lady! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Morgan, you are such a special young lady. We all forget the true meaning of Christmas and it really seemed true this year. I think Granny did a great job with the meal too. It was fantastic. Thanks for all the great gifts you gave us and hope you had a good Christmas. Happy New Year!!!
    I Love You bunches!!

  3. Happy New Year! And thank you for the presents too! I love my pants and sweatshirt, i wore the sweatshirt today! I still have to wash the pants though! But I love them both! And I love you bunches :)